Message from the Director

Welcome to the website of The Community College at Lingnan University (CCLU) and Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE).

CCLU and LIFE strive to provide quality full-time and other continuing education programmes, on a self-financing basis, to meet the diverse learning and life-long education needs of a knowledge-based society with evolving skills and human resources requirements. We offer a wide array of full-time academic programmes, ranging from Diploma Yi Jin, Diploma, Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, to Top-up Degree programmes to facilitate students’ academic pursuits to complete their degree studies, as well as to prepare them with the kinds of knowledge, skills or exposures required for career development at different stages. Specifically, most of these full-time programmes at sub-degree and degree levels are offered at our well-equipped New Academic Block on Lingnan University main campus in Tuen Mun, where students can enjoy full access to learning facilities and amenities, and continue with their studies in a campus environment.

As an integral part of Lingnan University, CCLU and LIFE share the ideals in liberal arts education and aspire to nurture the whole-person growth of our students in preparation for their personal, academic as well as career developments. In addition to the formal curriculum and classroom teaching, we organize various extra-curricular and other student development activities for students to, through participation and experiences, gradually develop their all-round capabilities and attributes. We are committed to providing quality education through a student-centred teaching-and-learning approach and with the support of a team of dedicated teachers. We see and aspire to nurture the potentials of students and will be delighted to walk with them through this growth journey.

I hope you will take time to explore our website and especially the learning opportunities that we may be able to offer to you.
NG Chi-wing Raymond, PhD
The Community College at Lingnan University and Lingnan Institute of Further Education