*Higher Diploma in Psychology of Education

Key Features

  • Equipping students with professional knowledge in educational psychology to prepare them in helping others to learn

  • Equipping students with knowledge and skills to assist students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

  • Providing an 100-hour practicum in kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools or related organizations

Programme Objectives

  • Equips students' knowledge of major concepts and theories in educational psychology

  • Prepares students' employment through training in leading discussions and planning activities

  • Develops students’ ability in analysing learning related issues in daily life

Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, students will be able to:​
  • explain the relevant psychological concepts and theories about human development;
  • identify fundamental nature, needs and intervention strategies of special educational students;
  • ​apply sociological concepts to understand the world;
  • analyze the relationship between motivation and learning in groups; and
  • apply basic concepts in educational psychology and communication, education policy and administration, negotiation and mediation skills in the educational setting.


General Education (24 Credits)

  • General English

  • English for Oral Academic Communication

  • Business Communication

  • Chinese Language (Putonghua) for Communication I

  • Chinese Language (Putonghua) for Communication II

  • Introduction to Information Literacy

  • Free Elective (Details​)

  • Free Elective (Details​)


Programme Specific Courses (36 Credits)

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Understanding Sociology

  • Life-span Development

  • Communication and Interpersonal Relations

  • Introduction to Guidance and Counselling

  • Introduction to Educational Psychology

  • Introduction to Students with Special Educational Needs

  • Motivation and Learning

  • Issues and Practice in Educational settings I

  • Fieldwork Practicum

  • Issues and Practice in Educational settings II

  • Exploring Social Psychology

Articulation Prospects

The College has established an articulation agreement with the following overseas universities for our graduates to articulate to the following degree programmes.

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Psychology (Year 2), University of Huddersfield

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Business Communications (Top-up), London School of Business and Management

  • Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Wesleyan College (Up to 50% of tuition scholarships will be given based on grades, recommendations and interviews.)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Wesleyan College (Up to 50% of tuition scholarships will be given based on grades, recommendations and interviews.)

Some recent graduates of this programme were admitted to the following Bachelor’s Degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology, City University of Hong Kong

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Social Work, City University of Hong Kong

Career Prospects

  • Education Consultants

  • Student Service Officers

  • Teaching Assistants 

Teaching and Learning Support

輔導服務需求殷切 三大心理學課程培育專才

Career Exploration Seminar in Early Childhood Education

The Chief Executive has unveiled plans to implement a free, quality kindergarten-education policy from the 2017/18 school year in the 2016 Policy Address. To provide the latest information about the Early Childhood Education sector, the Division of Social Sciences invited Ms. Au Fung-shan, Principal of Creative Kindergarten (Aegean Coast) and Ms. Ma Wing-sze, kindergarten teacher to give our students an overview of the Early Childhood Education industry and introduce the daily routines of a kindergarten practitioner. 



The following scholarships were available for students with outstanding performance in academic studies, great achievement in extra-curricular activities and/or valuable contribution to the College/University/Community:

  • Lingnan Club Scholarship
  • Lingnan Education Organization Scholarship
  • Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) Scholarship

Graduate Sharing

MOHAMMAD, Waqas Butt

MOHAMMAD, Waqas Butt

  • 2016年教育心理學高級文憑課程畢業生
  • 升讀香港城市大學社會科學學士(社會工作)課程二年級